What is a TuK TuK?

Tuk-tuk, tuktuk, auto-rickshaw — no matter what you call them, those sputtering, three-wheeled motorcycle taxis jockey for position and clog streets in Asia from Bangkok to Bangalore and now Buffalo, New York! The tuk-tuks found in these countries are open-air, three-wheeled carriages attached to a motorcycle chassis that hold 3 passengers. The size and design vary from country to country in Asia. Drivers are fond of decorating their rides with lights, colorful paint, and dangling trinkets to make them unique and to get attention. Queen City TuK TuK offers a variant that is 100% electric and holds up to 6 people! We felt being able to hold more guests and being mindful of our environment, this variant was perfect for the Queen City! We look forward to explore, experience, and discover all this amazing city has to offer with all our guests.